Generate RESTful APIs in a Docker container ready to be used anywhere

Avoid coding, and start with a fully documented, consistent API ready to use anywhere you want.

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What is Pica Pica?

It's a desktop application that sets up RESTful APIs inside Docker containers to use locally, or on a server. Set up end points, fields and authentication with only a couple of clicks, then generate it into a Docker container for immediate use.

How can Pica Pica be used?

After generating your RESTful API, start the Docker image to get your API up and running. It comes loaded with API documentation and an adminstration panel for your convenience. You can start hitting the API immediately, or deploy it anywhere you like.

Why should I care?

Chances are you are not a back end developer. If that's the case, then building an API (or back end) might seem wasteful to you. However, you also don't want a bog standard framework with too many features, as that only slows things down. Pica Pica relieves you of the duty of developing a RESTful API, and provides you with a stable back end to use anywhere. When the time comes that your project outgrows the basic API, you can extend it to your own needs as it's an open source node.js service as well. Easy!

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